PIN Reset Request

You must have an e-mail address in your patron record to reset your My Account PIN. If you do not have a valid e-mail address in your record and have forgotten, or need to reset, your PIN, please follow the directions below.
Note: This form will not work if there is no e-mail address in your record.
PIN Requirements:
  • You may use a combination of numbers and letters.
  • Do not use capital letters.
  • Do not use special characters, such as punctuation or other symbols.
  • You may not repeat a character 3 or more times (aaa, aaaa …).
  • You may not repeat a set of 2, 3, or 4 characters 2 or more times (abab, abcabc, abcdabcd…).
Please enter the following information:

If you have forgotten your PIN (and have no e-mail address in your patron record): You will need to visit your Local Library and show identification to staff at the front desk. Your PIN will be deleted, and you may then create a new one. The PIN in your library record is encrypted to ensure your security. Because of this, the library will not enter a PIN for a customer. PINs will not be reset over the phone or through an e-mail request.